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Generating Photo Reports (Web)

Before you can generate a photo report in SiteCam, you first need to create a project and add some photos to it. If you haven’t done this yet, click here to get started.

How to Create a Report

1. Login to the SiteCam Web App and open your project.

2. If you have lots of photos in your project, it is recommended to first apply some filters to narrow down the photos to include in the report.

In this example we have filtered the project to only show photos captured on the 8th October 2021.

3. Next, click on the Generate Report button.

4. Type in a name for the report and press the Next button.

5. Select the photos that you want to include in the report by clicking on the thumbnails. You can quickly Select All or Select None by using the buttons on the top right.

6. Finally, press the CREATE REPORT button to generate a report from the selected photos.

How to Share a Report (URL)

To get a link to the online report simply press the COPY URL button.

A URL to this report will be copied to your clipboard. Anyone with the URL will be able to access the report online.

How to Download a Report (PDF)

To download the report as a PDF first check that the Print Aspect is set correctly on the Customize View panel and press the PRINT button.

This will open your system’s default print dialog where you can select one of the PDF saving options.

Customizing the Report

You can customize the look of your report by adjusting the settings in the Customize View panel.

Photo Size

Photo Size allows you to change the size of all the photos in your report. There are 3 different photo sizes you can choose from (Small, Medium or Large).

Plan Size / Plan Zoom

If your report contains plans, the Plan Size setting will allow you to adjust the size of the plan in the report. There are 3 different sizes you can choose from (Small, Medium or Large). You can also adjust the zoom level of the plans in the report by adjusting the Plan Zoom setting.

To hide the plan in the report, turn the Plan toggle off.

Map Size / Map Type / Map Zoom

If your report contains maps, these settings will allow you to adjust the size, type and zoom level for all the maps in the report.

To hide the map in the report, disable the Map toggle.

Report Title

To change the report name, click on the Report Title text field. You can also hide the title from the report by disabling the Report Title toggle.

Report Description

Under the report title is a Report Description text field where you can type a short summary of the report. Show/Hide the Report Description field using the toggle.

If you have a lot of text to include in the Report Description, you can drag the handle on the bottom right of the text field to expand it.

Report Details / QR Code Toggle

The Report Details section contains some information about the report such as when the photos were captured and who captured them. It also includes a QR code and a link that the recipient can use to view the report online.

Use the QR Code toggle to show/hide the QR code on the report.

Capture Details

In this section, you will be able to specify whether to show or hide various capture details in each item of the report.

Editing the Description / Actions Field

To edit the Description or Actions field on a report item, tap on the blue Edit icon. By default, it will show the text that was in the original capture group. Any edits you make will only affect the current report.

Updated on March 20, 2024

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